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*My Open Letter to All School Going Children*

Dear Students,

Recently we are hearing cases from all over the country about scuffles between students in Schools, Fellow students being killed, Principal being shot at, Teachers being attacked and many more. To my surprise all such cases have mostly involved Grade 9th 12th students. I am deeply saddened by such instances occurring so often and that too so frequently in near past. Which kind of virus is attacking the young mind that is forcing them to taking the lives of their colleagues or elders? 

I hear students saying that its our lives and we will do what we think is right. You know what, your life is not just your life. It is the life of your father who works day and night to make both ends meet for you. It is also the life of your mother who feeds you first before feeding herself.  It is the life that you owe to your nation. So, how it can be just your life, its not, definitely not. Children, every parent sees a dream for his child that his child will accomplish the best in the world and get a good name for his forefathers. Only one other person sees the same dream for you apart from your parents. And that other person is none other than your teacher. Only a teacher wishes you to achieve the best in the world. How can you be so ruthless to kill that person in just a fit of rage? How can you commit such a mistake that can not only ruin your own life but also will finish the golden dream that your parents have seen for you? Children, there are lot better things in life than possessing an IPod or a latest gadget or riding a bike. There is a lot more in life than getting a girl of your choice at this tender age. Committing a crime will take only 5-10 minutes but its repercussions will cost you your whole life. And not only yours but will cost you the life of your whole family. Always consider that as you are precious for your family, the other person you are causing harm to is also very precious to his family. As someone is waiting for you at home, there might be someone waiting for him also.

Please learn to control your emotions and do not go that far from where you cannot come back. Because only thing you will be left with after doing such a mistake is, A COMPLETE BLACK HOLE in your life which cannot be repaired. You will only be left with one option and that is only to repent for your own mistakes that too very late.

Instead of opting for shortcuts you need to learn to earn the comforts you desire. Learn to develop the necessary competence in you to be able to lead a comfortable and successful life. My dear children, the only thing that will take you far is nothing but the humane values imbibed in you. Take my words; if you have values within no one can stop you. There is a time for everything in life so be patient and learn to wait for the right time. Learn to respect your teacher and most importantly *Learn to respect the fellow Human Being.*

I pray to God that the young ones of my country understand the significance of *VALUES* in their lives and contribute towards making *BHARAT* the best nation in the world.



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